Ayesha Minhaj: All About Hasan Minhaj’s Sister

Ayesha Minhaj is the remarkably funny and insightful younger sibling of Hasan Minhaj, one of the hottest comedians in America. She’s also a Rutgers University graduate, which should give her plenty of knowledge to share with other young female students looking to pursue their own comedy careers. Formerly an aspiring lawyer, Ayesha has her first stand-up special airing on Netflix this November.


Discuss how she has succeeded in the entertainment industry

Ayesha Minhaj is Hasan Minhaj’s sister and she recently completed her Master’s in Ethics from the University of Pennsylvania. She always had a passion for philosophy and decided to study it in school. Ayesha is a self-proclaimed book nerd and loves to read. She also has a Youtube channel where she does vlogs or online blogs. Her blog mainly consists of fitness videos with some family videos mixed in.

Personal Life

Discuss what it’s like to be the sister of Hasan Minhaj

Ayesha Minhaj

Ayesha Minhaj is the sister of Hasan Minhaj, who is also commonly known by his stage name, “Hari Kondabolu.” She has given interviews in the past about her troubled relationship with her brother and how he never truly understood their Muslim heritage when he left home as a teenager to pursue success.

A Famous Brother

Ayesha is associated with a successful family and her brother successful comedian. Minhaj Hasan was born on the 23rd of September 1985 in Davis, California, where he grew up and finished school. He then enrolled at the University of California for his vocational education. And he ended his varsity life with political science. But that was his college life.

However, Minhaj had a lot of interest in comedy and that opportunity came in front of him so he came to respect his comedy a lot. He traveled to San Francisco for his gigs and in 2008 he became the best comedian on Wild 94.9 and won an upcoming standing much help Pablo Francisco, Gabriel Iglesias, and Katt Williams.

And since finally, Hasan has gone on to be the most popular one of the standing upcoming comedians with his Netflix special “Homecoming King” (2017), and that’s very interesting his own comedian show “Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj “ (2018-2019).


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Boyfriend and Husband of Ayesha Minhaj

About this, she has didn’t share public however, she is not currently married, she is without a husband. But she may be dating her boyfriend However, he never said anything about his personal life in front of the public. Maybe he wants to hide it from everyone.  She may be unmarried, but she is looking for someone for her life.

Net worth of Ayesha Minhaj?

He is a successful attorney living a very beautiful life at a very young age. She has a net worth over of $300,000 dollars and there has been a lot of hard work so far.

Ayesha Minhaj

Reveal secrets about Ayesha Minhaj

Ayesha is a stand-up comedian in her own right with her own comedy troupe. She has been featured on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and was the headliner for the Everyday Muslim Comedy Festival which took place in Seattle in 2017.

The End?

Ayesha was born in India and attended UC Santa Cruz. She graduated with a degree in Political science and spent the past four years working as a research assistant at UCSF. Ayesha is Hasan Minhaj’s older sister but is not as well known as her brother due to her decision to be more private on social media.

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