Bling Empire Cast Member’s Net Worth Ranked

Bling Empire Cast Member's Net Worth Ranked

1. Christine Chiu – $20 million 2. Kevin Kreider – $10 million 3. Kane Lim – $8 million 4. Anna Shay – $6 million 5. Cherie Chan – $5 million

The Bling Empire cast is full of wealthy individuals, but who is worth the most? We’ve ranked the net worths of all the main cast members to find out. 1. Christine Chiu – $20 million

As one of the show’s stars, it’s no surprise that Christine Chiu comes in at number one with a massive net worth of $20 million. Her husband Andrew is a plastic surgeon and the pair own a number of properties as well as a successful skincare line. 2. Kane Lim – $18 million.

Kane Lim is another star of the show with a sizable net worth. His family made their fortune in real estate and he also has his own luxury car rental business. He’s estimated to be worth around $18 million.

3. Kevin Kreider – $2 million Kevin Kreider may not come from a wealthy family like some of his co-stars, but he’s still doing pretty well for himself with an estimated net worth of $2 million. He works as a model and has appeared in campaigns for major brands like Nike and Ralph Lauren.

Bling Empire Cast Members Net Worth Ranked


Who is the Richest Cast Member of Bling Empire?

The cast of Bling Empire is full of wealthy individuals, but who is the richest? According to reports, it is estimated that Christine Chiu is worth $300 million. Her husband, Dr. Gabriel Chiu, is a successful plastic surgeon, and together they have built up a formidable fortune.

Christine has her own line of luxury handbags and also owns a number of properties around the world. She is definitely living the high life! Other members of the cast are also doing very well for themselves.

Kane Lim is thought to be worth around $50 million, while Kim Lee has an estimated net worth of $20 million. These figures are only estimates though – with such secretive individuals it is hard to know exactly how much they are really worth!

Are the Bling Empire Cast Really Rich?

The Bling Empire cast is made up of some of the richest people in the world. Their net worths are estimated to be in the billions. Some of the members include:

1. Kimora Lee Simmons – $500 million 2. Calvin Klein – $700 million 3. David Geffen – $7 billion 4. Oprah Winfrey – $2.9 billion

Is Anna Shay a Billionaire?

Anna Shay is not a billionaire. She is the daughter of an American businessman, worth an estimated $600 million.

How is Mimi Morris Rich?

Mimi Morris is rich because she has a lot of money.

10 Richest Bling Empire Cast Members

Bling Empire Cast Net Worth

The Bling Empire cast is full of wealthy individuals. Here’s a look at the net worths of each cast member. Christine Chiu: $20 million Kelly Mi Li: $10 million Anna Shay: $8 million Cherie Chan: $6 million Guy Tang: $5 million Kevin Kreider:$1.5 million Jaime Xie:$1 million.

Kim Lee: Undisclosed Bling Empire is a reality television show that premiered on Netflix in January 2021. The show follows a group of wealthy Asians who live in Los Angeles, California.

Christine Chiu is the wealthiest cast member with a net worth of $20 million. She is followed by Kelly Mi Li ($10 million), Anna Shay ($8 million), and Cherie Chan ($6 million). Guy Tang rounds out the top five with a net worth of $5 million.

Kevin Kreider has the lowest net worth of the group at just $1.5 million. Jaime Xie and Kim Lee have not disclosed their net worths, but it is safe to say they are both multimillionaires based on their lifestyle on the show.

Bling Empire Cast Salary Per Episode

If you’re one of the millions of people who tuned in to watch Netflix’s Bling Empire, you might be wondering how much the cast is paid per episode. Unfortunately, we don’t have any concrete information on that front. However, we can make some educated guesses based on similar reality shows.

For example, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast members are reported to make around $275,000 per season, which works out to about $13,000 per episode. Given that Bling Empire is a newer show with a smaller cast, it’s likely that the salaries are lower than that.

But even if each cast member only made $5,000 per episode, that would still add up to a tidy sum for just one season!

Of course, we don’t know for sure how much anyone on Bling Empire is making. But it’s safe to say that they’re all doing quite well for themselves!

Anna from Bling Empire Net Worth

Anna from Bling Empire’s net worth is $10 million. She is originally from Russia and moved to Los Angeles in 2004. Her husband is a real estate developer and they have two daughters together.

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Kane Lim’s Net Worth Now

Kane Lim is a Chinese-Singaporean internet personality, vlogger, and entrepreneur. He has an estimated net worth of $20 million. Lim was born in Singapore to Chinese parents.

He started his YouTube channel in 2011 and rose to prominence after appearing on the reality TV show, Rich Kids of Singapore. The show followed the lives of wealthy young people living in Singapore. In addition to his online fame, Lim is also known for his lavish lifestyle.

He often posts photos and videos of himself enjoying luxury cars, designer clothes, and expensive vacations. While some have criticized him for flaunting his wealth, Lim insists that he is just sharing his life with his fans and that he is not trying to boast or brag.

Kim Bling Empire Net Worth Now

Kim Bling Empire is a luxury lifestyle brand founded by Kim Kardashian West. The brand has grown exponentially since its launch in 2017 and is now worth an estimated $1 billion.

Kim Bling Empire offers a wide range of products, from clothing and accessories to beauty and home decor. The brand has become a household name and is now one of the most recognizable luxury lifestyle brands in the world.

Kim Bling Empire has also become a major player in the fashion industry, with its products being featured in major fashion magazines and on the red carpet. Kim Bling Empire has become a symbol of luxury and success, and its net worth continues to grow as the brand continues to expand.


The cast of the Bling Empire reality show on Netflix has been revealed, and their net worths are pretty staggering. The top three cast members are estimated to be worth a combined $1 billion! Here’s a look at where everyone falls on the list.

1. Christine Chiu – $20 million 2. Kevin Kreider – $10 million 3. Kane Lim – $8 million 4. Anna Shay – $6 million 5. Cherie Chan – $5 million

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