Casey Neistat Tattoo Collection: Flower, Do More & Work Harder

Casey Neistat, one of YouTube’s most popular vloggers, has carved out a unique space for himself in the world of media. His videos range from daily life to business advice and everything in between – but they all have one thing in common. Something that ties them together. Casey Neistat is an artist.

Casey Neistat Tattoo Collection

And his art is his tattoos. Casey Neistat is an American filmmaker and vlogger who serves as the co-founder of New York-based multimedia company, Beme. He was born in 1981 and grew up in New Hampshire.

Casey studied film at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, and after graduating in 1999, he pursued a career in advertising. His interest in documentary filmmaking led him to take his camera and travel through South America and Africa to explore the culture and people who live there.

Tattoos: What are tattoos and what do they mean?

He has produced promotional material for Google, Nike, Mercedes-Benz, and HBO. Casey’s work usually consists of short films that are made with his personal brand of humor. One of his latest projects is his tattoo collection. Some of the most common words in Casey’s tattoos are “Work hard” and “Do more”.

Casey Neistat is a filmmaker and an entrepreneur who has created an artful tattoo collection. The tattoos are inspired by his personal life motto of “Do More.” The five tattoos have different meanings that can be interpreted in many different ways. He says that the idea behind tattoos is to create a piece of art that you can take with you anywhere.

Earning from YouTube

Casey Neistat is an American YouTube personality, filmmaker, and co-founder of social media company Beme. He has become well known for his short films on YouTube that often take on the form of social experiments.

The tattoos that Casey Neistat has are significant to who he is as a person. His tattoos are not only visible but they also represent who he is personally.

The internet is a powerful tool, but not many people are able to harness its power. However, for some individuals, YouTube has become the pinnacle of marketing, with some earning hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly through advertising revenue. One such individual is Casey Neistat. With over 18 million subscribers on YouTube and billions of views, Neistat has managed not only to make content creation his full-time job but also become a successful businessman by selling ads through his channel.

Earning from the film industry

Ever since Casey Neistat started making YouTube videos in 2008 he has been seen as a social media influencer, a YouTube celebrity, and a filmmaker. In 2016 his film “Kites” was released on various video streaming platforms and received success from film critics. In the same year, Casey partnered with Facebook to produce his series of short family videos that would be seen around the world on Facebook Watch.

Casey Neistat is known for his YouTube channel and Vlogging on film, always on the go and showing the world his creative solutions to life’s problems. As a renowned person, Casey has been featured in many different documentaries. Recently, Casey had two tattoos of flowers etched on his arm. This tattoo collection is the first of many pieces of art that will be etched onto Casey’s body.

How much is Casey Neistat worth?

His show features daily life events that are often humorous or interesting to watch. Casey’s tattoos are also an interesting aspect to take note of.

He first started his YouTube channel on February 14, 2010, with a video titled “My break up.” Since 2010, he has gained over 5 million followers on his YouTube channel. In 2015, Casey was named one of Time’s “30 Most Influential People On The Internet” as well as “Variety”s “10 Online Video Creators to Watch in 2016.

Casey Neistat is a famous American YouTube star and film director. His estimated net worth for 2017 is about $5 million.

Tattoo of a former military guy

Casey Neistat is a popular American YouTube personality, filmmaker, and social media sensation. His tattoo collection includes a variety of different tattoos. The first tattoo he got was his father’s name on his left arm; this was the only tattoo he ever had before 2010.

He eventually decided to have more tattoos but they are all related to his profession of being a filmmaker. With a seemingly constant need to be creative, Casey Neistat is always coming up with new ideas. His latest idea came from tattoo artist Tommy Lee and had him get two of his most popular tattoos (a flower and the words “do more”) on his left arm.

The tattoos took about an hour and a half to complete. It’s not too far off from his other tattoos, but of course, it’s difficult to tell because of the previous ink that covers his body.

Real estate and car collections

Casey Neistat, a successful YouTube personality, and filmmaker have always been interested in cars and property. Though he’s now worth over $3 million, Casey often says “I don’t want to be a millionaire.” This is because Casey enjoys the process of making money as much as buying things with it. He owns 9 different vehicles and has bought all of them himself — not with his father’s money or an inheritance.

Earning from his company Beme

Beme is a company that was started by Matt Hackett in 2014. The idea of the company was to revolutionize how people communicate with each other by making short videos and broadcasting them live, without editing. The videos are intended to be raw and show the reality of what’s going on. In order for video creators to monetize their content, they have to have a million followers or they have to set up a paywall.

Do more tattoos

Tattoos have become a popular way to express one’s artistry, individuality, and ideas. However, they are not for everyone. Any tattoo artist will tell you that the most common complaint is the fear of regret.

Different people have different reasons for not wanting tattoos. For some, it’s because they are afraid of being judged by their boss or co-workers.


Conclusion: Casey’s tattoos are symbolic of his work ethic and his love for success.

Casey Neistat, the American film director and vlogger who stopped making videos in 2016, has a new tattoo collection that features three distinct designs. These tattoos are full of positivity and encouragement for the viewer to do more and work harder. Casey Neistat is an American filmmaker and entrepreneur who has worked for companies such as CNN, Nike, Ford, Motorola.

He is well known for his YouTube channel that currently has over 8 million subscribers. Casey just recently tattooed both of his forearms with maxims that he wants to live by. The tattoos are simply black text with flowers on either side of them.

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