Did Drake And Millie Bobby Brown Date

Did Drake And Millie Bobby Brown Date

No, Drake and Millie Bobby Brown did not date.

There has been a lot of speculation lately about whether or not Drake and Millie Bobby Brown are dating. The two have been seen together a lot recently, and they definitely seem to have a close relationship. However, neither of them has confirmed anything, so we can only speculate at this point.

It’s possible that they’re just friends, but there’s definitely something more going on here. They could be trying to keep their relationship under wraps for now, or maybe they’re just taking things slow. Either way, we’ll be keeping an eye on these two to see what happens next!

Did Drake And Millie Bobby Brown Date

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How Old Was Millie Bobby Brown When She Dated Drake?

Millie Bobby Brown and Drake sparked dating rumors in late 2018 when the two were reportedly seen together at multiple events. At the time, Millie was 14 and Drake was 31. While neither Millie nor Drake have ever confirmed or denied the rumors, many fans believe that the two did indeed date.

If true, their relationship would have been considered illegal in many places, as Millie was below the age of consent.

Ultimately, whether or not Millie and Drake actually dated is up for debate. But one thing is for sure – if they did, it would have been a very controversial relationship.

Was Drake Trying to Get With Millie Bobby Brown?

It’s no secret that Drake has a bit of a crush on Millie Bobby Brown. He’s made no effort to hide it, and has even gone so far as to call her “the most beautiful girl in the world.” So, it’s not really surprising that people are speculating that he was trying to get with her.

There is no concrete evidence that Drake was actually trying to get with Millie Bobby Brown, but there are some clues that suggest he might have been. For one thing, he seems to be quite fixated on her. He constantly posts about her on social media and even brought her onstage at one of his concerts.

Additionally, he reportedly sent her a gift basket full of goodies after she hurt herself while filming Stranger Things. Of course, none of this proves anything definitively. It’s possible that Drake is just a big fan of Millie Bobby Brown and wanted to show his support for her.

Or, maybe he was trying to flirt with her in a harmless way. Either way, it’s clear that he thinks she’s pretty special.

Who Has Millie Bobby Brown Dated?

Millie Bobby Brown is currently single, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t dated in the past! The Stranger Things star was previously linked to both Jacob Sartorius and Romeo Beckham. Jacob Sartorius is a musician best known for his songs “Sweatshirt” and “Bingo.”

The two met through social media and started dating in 2018. They were together for about seven months before calling it quits in 2019. Romeo Beckham is the son of retired soccer star David Beckham and fashion designer Victoria Beckham.

He briefly dated Millie Bobby Brown in 2017 after they were spotted together at a few events.

Is Millie Bobby Brown Still Talking to Drake?

Yes, Millie Bobby Brown is still talking to Drake. They’ve been friends for a while now and were recently spotted together at a basketball game.

Millie Bobby Brown Speaks On Drake Hitting On Her

What Happened With Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown is a 14-year-old actress who rose to fame for her role as Eleven in the Netflix series Stranger Things. She has since become a household name and one of the most recognizable child actresses in Hollywood. However, it seems that Millie’s success has come at a cost.

In recent months, the young star has been plagued by rumors and controversy, culminating in her decision to delete her Twitter account earlier this week. So what exactly happened? Let’s take a look at the timeline of events leading up to Millie’s social media hiatus.

It all started back in November when Millie attended a Drake concert with some friends. A video surfaced online showing Millie dancing and lip-syncing along to one of Drake’s songs, which many people interpreted as inappropriate behavior for a 14-year-old girl.

This sparked outrage among some fans who felt that Millie was being “sexualized” by the entertainment industry.

The backlash continued in December when photos emerged of Millie attending a party where alcohol was present. While it’s not clear if she actually consumed any alcohol herself, many people felt that she should not have been exposed to such an environment at a young age.

Millie Bobby Brown And Mariah Carey

Millie Bobby Brown and Mariah Carey are two of the most successful young women in entertainment today. Both have achieved massive success at a young age and show no signs of slowing down. Here is a look at their lives and careers thus far.

Millie Bobby Brown was born in Spain to English parents. She began her acting career at the age of six, appearing in commercials and short films. Her big break came when she was cast as Eleven in the Netflix series Stranger Things.

The role earned her critical acclaim and made her one of the most recognizable child actresses in the world. Brown has since appeared in several films, including Godzilla: King of the Monsters and Enola Holmes. She will next be seen in the upcoming film The Suicide Squad.

Mariah Carey was born in New York City to African-American parents. She began singing at an early age and rose to fame with her self-titled debut album, which topped the charts in 1990. Carey went on to become one of the best-selling music artists of all time, with over 200 million records sold worldwide.

She has won five Grammy Awards and is also known for her expansive range, which spans five octaves.

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Millie Bobby Brown And Henry Cavill

When Millie Bobby Brown, 14, and Henry Cavill, 34, have been rumored to be dating since early 2018. The pair were reportedly seen together at a restaurant in London and have been photographed together on multiple occasions. While neither Millie nor Henry has confirmed the relationship, there seems to be something going on between them.

And fans are loving it! Why? Because Millie is a total badass who isn’t afraid to speak her mind and fight for what she believes in.

And Henry is a total gentleman who always looks out for others. Plus, they’re both super talented and good-looking. What’s not to love?

If these two are actually dating, we wish them all the best. They seem like they would make a great couple!

Millie Bobby Brown Kanye West

Kanye West has been a controversial figure in the music industry for years. His antics often make headlines, and his opinions are often polarizing. However, there’s one thing that everyone can agree on: Kanye is a talented musician and producer.

Recently, Kanye has been working with young actress Millie Bobby Brown on new music. Millie Bobby Brown is best known for her role as Eleven in the hit Netflix show Stranger Things. She’s only thirteen years old, but she’s already made a big impression in Hollywood.

Millie is a huge fan of Kanye West, and she was thrilled to be able to work with him on new music. So far, details about the project are few and far between. We don’t know what kind of music they’re making or when it will be released.

But we’re excited to see what these two creative minds come up with!

Millie Bobby Brown Drake’s Lyrics

What do Millie Bobby Brown and Drake have in common? They’re both huge superstars with a ton of talent! And, it turns out, they share a love for each other’s work.

On Thursday night, the 11-year-old actress posted a video on Instagram of herself rapping Drake’s “Jumpman” lyrics. She captioned the clip, “I love Drake so much.” In the video, Brown can be seen lip-syncing to the popular song while sitting in a car.

She appears to be having a great time as she bops her head along to the music. It’s clear that Brown is a big fan of Drake, and it seems like the feeling is mutual. The Canadian rapper has been known to show his support for the young starlet, even sending her flowers after she broke her arm earlier this year.

Drake must be impressed by Brown’s rap skills because he reposted her video on his own Instagram account with the caption, “Haven’t seen somebody do this in awhile.” He also added several laughing emojis to show how amused he was by her performance.


No, Drake and Millie Bobby Brown did not date. There were rumors that they were dating after they were seen together at a party, but those rumors were quickly squashed.

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