Harley Quinn Season 4

Harley Quinn Season 4

The fourth season of Harley Quinn began airing on April 3, 2020 and will consist of 13 episodes. The season will focus on Harley as she tries to make it on her own without Joker, while also dealing with the fallout of her break-up with Poison Ivy.

Additionally, the season will introduce a new love interest for Harley in the form of Booster Gold.

Harley Quinn season 4 is coming soon, and fans are eager to see what the animated series has in store. The show has been praised for its humor and action-packed storylines, and season 4 looks to be more of the same.

In the new season, Harley will face off against some of her most iconic foes, including The Joker and Two-Face.

She’ll also have to deal with the return of Poison Ivy, who’s been absent for a while. With so much going on, it’s sure to be an exciting season! Are you looking forward to Harley Quinn season 4?

Harley Quinn Season 4

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Will There Be a Season 4 of Harley Quinn?

As of right now, there is no set plan for a fourth season of Harley Quinn. However, that doesn’t mean that the possibility isn’t there.

The series has been a critical and commercial success, so it’s definitely possible that Warner Bros. will decide to greenlight another season at some point down the line. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available!

Is Harley Quinn Series Over?

No, the Harley Quinn series is not over. The most recent season ended in 2019, but there are plans for a new season to premiere in 2020.

How Many Seasons Are There Going to Be of Harley Quinn?

As of right now, there are two seasons of Harley Quinn confirmed. The first season was released on DC Universe in 2019 and the second is set to release in 2020. It is currently unknown if there will be more seasons beyond that.

The show has been well-received by fans and critics alike, so it’s possible that we could see more seasons of Harley Quinn in the future.

However, it all depends on the ratings and how well the show continues to do. Only time will tell if we’ll get more seasons of this hilarious animated series.

Harley Quinn Season 4

Is There Going to Be a Harley Quinn Season 3?

Although there has been no official announcement, it seems likely that there will be a third season of Harley Quinn.

The first two seasons were both well-received by fans and critics, and the show’s ratings have been strong. Moreover, the production company Warner Bros.

Animation has typically produced multiple seasons of its successful animated shows. Therefore, it seems likely that Harley Quinn will return for a third season.

Harley Quinn Season 2

Harley Quinn season 2 is coming soon, and we could not be more excited! This season will bring even more action, comedy, and excitement than the first, and we cannot wait to see what Harley and her friends get up to. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming season:

When does it premiere? The show will return on April 3rd at 9 pm EST. What can we expect?

Season 2 will feature Harley trying to make it as a legit supervillain, while also dealing with her break-up with the Joker.

We can also expect to see more of her friends, including Poison Ivy and Bane. Plus, there will be plenty of guest stars, like Batgirl, Catwoman, and Two-Face.

We cannot wait for Harley Quinn season 2! Be sure to tune in on April 3rd at 9 pm EST for all the fun!

Harley Quinn Show Season 3

Harley Quinn is back for Season 3 and she’s ready to take on Gotham City! This season, Harley will be joined by some new friends and foes as she tries to make a name for herself in the criminal underworld.

Expect plenty of action, comedy, and romance in this season of Harley Quinn!

Harley Quinn Tv Show

The Harley Quinn animated series is set to premiere on DC Universe this fall, and fans are already eagerly anticipating its arrival.

The show will focus on Harley as she breaks up with the Joker and strikes out on her own. She’ll be joined by a host of other DC characters, including Poison Ivy, Bane, and Catwoman.

Harley Quinn has always been a fan-favorite character, and her new series is sure to be a hit with viewers. It’s bound to be packed with action, humor, and plenty of surprises.

If you’re looking forward to the Harley Quinn animated series, be sure to check out this blog post for all the latest news and information!

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Harley Quinn Show Cast

The cast of the Harley Quinn show is amazing! The voice acting is top notch and the characters are so well written. I absolutely love this show!

Harley Quinn is voiced by Kaley Cuoco, who does an outstanding job playing the character. The rest of the cast includes: • Lake Bell as Poison Ivy

• Alan Tudyk as Joker • Sanaa Lathan as Catwoman • Wanda Sykes asQueen Bee

• Rahul Kohli as Scarecrow • James Adomian as Lex Luthor Each actor brings their own unique spin to their respective characters and it really shows in the final product.

The Harley Quinn show is one of the best-animated shows out there right now, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good laugh.


In the latest season of Harley Quinn, our heroine is faced with some tough choices. She can either stay with the Joker and help him with his plans for world domination, or she can strike out on her own and try to become a hero.

Harley Quinn has always been a bit of an anti-hero, so it will be interesting to see which path she chooses. Either way, it promises to be an action-packed season full of twists and turns.

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