How Chris Pratt Met Katherine Schwarzenegger?

How Chris Pratt Met Katherine Schwarzenegger

Chris Pratt met Katherine Schwarzenegger in June 2018 through her mom, Maria Shriver. The couple got engaged in January 2019 after dating for seven months.

How did Chris Pratt meet Katherine Schwarzenegger? It’s a pretty funny story, actually. Pratt was out on a date with another woman when he ran into Schwarzenegger at a restaurant.

He was so taken with her that he asked her for her number… which she gave to him! The two have been dating ever since, and they seem very happy together. It’s great to see Pratt finally find someone who seems to be a good match for him.

We wish them all the best!

How Chris Pratt Met Katherine Schwarzenegger


Has Chris Pratt Met Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Chris Pratt has not yet had the pleasure of meeting Arnold Schwarzenegger. The two actors have both had successful careers in Hollywood, but have yet to cross paths.

Pratt is best known for his roles in Guardians of the Galaxy, Jurassic World, and Parks and Recreation, while Schwarzenegger is best known for his roles in The Terminator, Predator, and Total Recall.

Both actors have achieved great success in their respective fields, and it would be a great honor for Pratt to meet Schwarzenegger one day.

Why Did Chris Pratt Cry?

Chris Pratt has been in the public eye for many years now. He first gained recognition for his role on the television show Parks and Recreation, and later went on to star in some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters, including Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers: Infinity War, and Jurassic World.

Why Did Chris Pratt Cry

But despite all his success, it seems that Chris Pratt still gets emotional from time to time.

In a recent interview, Pratt was asked about a scene in Guardians of the Galaxy where his character, Peter Quill/Star-Lord, cries after learning that his mother has died.

When asked why he thinks the scene resonated with so many people, Pratt got choked up and began to cry himself. It’s clear that Pratt is still affected by the death of his own mother, who passed away when he was just 18 years old.

And while he may be a big movie star now, it’s nice to see that he hasn’t forgotten where he came from or what it feels like to lose someone you love.

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Chris Pratt Kids

Chris Pratt and his wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, have three kids together: their daughter Lyla, and their sons Jack and Luke. Chris is also stepfather to Katherine’s son from her previous marriage, Patrick. Here’s what you need to know about Chris Pratt’s kids.

Lyla Maria Schwarzenegger Pratt was born on August 26, 2012. She is the couple’s first child together. Jack Oscar Schwarzenegger Pratt was born on August 27, 2014.

He is the couple’s second child together. Luke Charles Schwarzenegger Pratt was born on September 24, 2017. He is the couple’s third child together.

Katherine Schwarzenegger’s Net Worth

Katherine Schwarzenegger is an American author, philanthropist, and daughter of actor and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. She has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

Katherine has earned her wealth through her successful career as an author, having written several books, including the New York Times bestseller, Maverick and Me.

She has also earned money through her philanthropic work, having founded the non-profit organization, The Katherine Schwarzenegger Foundation, which focuses on helping children in need.

Additionally, Katherine has earned money through her appearances in films and television shows, as well as through her endorsement deals with various brands.

Who is Chris Pratt Married to

Chris Pratt is an American actor who is currently married to Katherine Schwarzenegger. He was previously married to actress Anna Faris from 2009 to 2018. The couple met in 2007 on the set of the movie Take Me Home Tonight and married two years later.

They have one son together, Jack, who was born in 2012. During their marriage, the couple starred in several films together, including What’s Your Number? and Mom. They announced their separation in 2017 and finalized their divorce in 2018.

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Katherine Schwarzenegger Father

Katherine Schwarzenegger’s father is Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former Governor of California and Hollywood actor. He is an Austrian-American bodybuilder, actor, businessman, investor, author, philanthropist, activist, and politician.

Katherine Schwarzenegger Father

He is best known for his roles in the Terminator films and for his successful political career. Arnold has been married to Katherine’s mother, Maria Shriver, since 1986 and they have four children together, including Katherine.

Arnold is a strong advocate for environmental protection and has been involved in numerous charitable causes. He is an inspiration to many and has been a great role model for Katherine.

Chris Pratt First Wife

Chris Pratt’s first wife was Anna Faris, an American actress, producer, and author. The two met in 2007 on the set of the film Take Me Home Tonight and married in 2009.

Anna Faris

They had a son, Jack, in 2012. The couple separated in 2017 and their divorce was finalized in 2018. During their marriage, the couple was known for their comedic roles in films such as The House Bunny, What’s Your Number?, and Guardians of the Galaxy.

They also starred together in the film Mom. Despite their split, the two remain close friends and have spoken highly of each other in interviews.


Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger met in early 2018 through mutual friends. They kept their relationship relatively private for the first few months, but by the summer they were regularly seen out together. In June 2019, they announced their engagement.

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