How Did Danny Trejo Get The Scars On His Face?

Danny Trejo was born in 1944, to Mexican immigrants who had crossed the border illegally. Danny grew up in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, and by age 12, he was already a member of a street gang. He spent his teenage years in and out of jail, and it was during one of these stints that he got the scars on his face. In 1969, Danny was convicted of murder and sentenced to prison.

He served time in San Quentin State Prison for robbery and drug offenses. It was there that he got his start in acting, appearing in prison productions. After his release, Danny turned his life around and started working as a movie extra.

Danny Trejo is a Hollywood actor and former addict who has starred in over 175 films. He is known for his tough-guy persona and his roles in such films as Desperado, Con Air, and Spy Kids. In real life, Trejo is a recovering addict who credits his recovery to his faith and his family. He is also a dedicated advocate for addiction prevention and rehabilitation.

He was born to an alcoholic father and a mother who was addicted to drugs. His parents divorced when he was young. As a teenager, Trejo became involved in gangs and spent time in prison.

His mother, Alice (Rivera), was an actress and his father, Daniel Trejo, Sr., was a musician who played the drums in a mariachi band. As a youngster, Trejo was a member of a street gang and spent time in juvenile detention and prison. While incarcerated, he learned how to box and became a champion fighter.

Danny Trejo is a familiar face in Hollywood. You may know him as an actor, but did you know he was a criminal before he became famous? Danny has had a long and successful career in Hollywood, but his life wasn’t always easy. He is a perfect example of how you can turn your life around if you put your mind to it.

How Did Danny Trejo Get The Scars On His Face

Danny Trejo is best known as an actor in Hollywood, but many don’t know the story of how he got the scars on his face. When Danny was 12 years old, he committed his first robbery with a toy gun.

Danny Trejo is known for his tough-guy roles in movies such as Desperado and Machete. But what many people don’t know is that Trejo’s life was once a series of unfortunate events that led him to a life of crime. When he was just 11 years old, Trejo was shot in the face during a robbery attempt. The shooting left him with several scars on his face which are now iconic.

Danny Trejo is known for his rough exterior and scary face. But many people don’t know how he got the scars on his face. Trejo was born in Echo Park, California, to a mother who was a drug addict and an absent father. When he was 11, his mother sent him to live with his uncle on a farm in Mexico. There, he learned to survive by picking fruit and stealing food.

Many of them are the result of a troubled childhood, during which he was abused and neglected. He also spent time in prison, where he was often in fights. In fact, Trejo credits his many years behind bars with helping him to become the actor and celebrity he is today.

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