How Did Salomondrin Make His Money?

How Did Salomondrin Make His Money

Salomondrin has been living an extravagant lifestyle since he was young. From his days as a YouTuber to his current status as head of the multi-million dollar gaming company, Salomondrin has always had an interest in making money.

With a father who left before he could even play catch with him, Salomondrin always wanted to provide for his mom and sister.

How Did Salomondrin Make His Money

For over a decade, Salomondrin has been making money on YouTube with his gaming videos, and he is now the second most subscribed to channel on the site. To date, he has an estimated net worth of $30 million.

Salmondrin’s Journey to Fame

Alejandro’s story is a familiar one. He began his journey from acting and producing short films. Salomon invested in his short film once and, believe it or not, lost $8000.

But Salmondrin never gave up because he knew that becoming famous was all worth it. However, he is too eager to give up on his dreams. He won the Golden Palm Award in LA for Best Male Performance in 2017.

Salmondrin’s journey to fame began with a simple idea. He wanted “to do something that is not normal,” so he started his own YouTube channel called Salmondrin.

The first fortunate car that got the chance to feature in his video was the Challe. When he uploaded the video to YouTube, he had accumulated over 100K views in just two days!

With over a million subscribers now, Alejandro’s net worth has skyrocketed to $30 million. He was raised in a small town in Florida where he attended school and went to college at the University of Central Florida.

Instagram and YouTube

YouTube stars are becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society. Salomondrin rose to fame through his YouTube videos, which he posts on his channel.

He boasts about his car collection on the channel. He has built a massive following alone. On Instagram, he has a whopping 3 million followers.

Many people are not aware of the work that comes with being an internet sensation.

Real Estate

While he makes some real estate investments under his company Salomon Investment Partners, his two lavish homes are the most notable personal real estate he has bought. One in Manhattan and one in Southampton, both located on the East Coast of the United States. 

Oprah Winfrey has been ranked as one of the wealthiest people in media and entertainment, with her net worth reaching $30 billion.

Salomon Investment Partners and Helios Production

Salomon Investment Partners is a group of investment firms that are based in Los Angeles, CA. They were established by entrepreneur Brian Salomon.

Salomon Investment Partners is one of the largest private equity investors in healthcare, financial, food and beverage, manufacturing, media, and telecom. The firm has been partnered with several successful entrepreneurs including Elon Musk from Tesla Motors when it was nearly bankrupt in 2004.

He Investment Partners and Helios Production has produced many movies. They have released movies such as Triple Dog, Godspeed, Slightly Single in L.A., Martial Science, A Mother’s Rage, Zoe Gone, Raised by Wolves. The company produces a range of genres from horror to romance.

In March 2013, the Tesla Model S was released and by 2014, both Salomon and Helios had invested in the company. Salomon has a stake of approximately $8 million and Helios has a stake of $8.6 million.

Other Sources

Alejandro loves cars, and he’s great at making videos about them. When he does bring in new cars for his video, he often becomes a salesman of sorts.

He says this is more of a side gig than anything, and that it’s not uncommon for YouTubers to make money in non-traditional ways. 

He continues by saying, “I don’t see the point in going to college when you can make money on YouTube with less effort.

Salomondrin’s Assets

Salomondrin is a famous YouTube content creator that mostly makes videos about cars. He has amassed a sizable fortune by doing so, owning about 100 luxury and sports cars in total, contributing to the bulk of his net worth. His car collection is also the largest among automotive YouTubers. 

Beyond, his YouTube channel, Salomondrin also has an impressive portfolio of assets. In some of his videos, he tours his lavish properties which include houses in Japan and Mexico, as well as cars like his Ford GT and Bugatti Veyron.


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