Is Cooper Hefner Still in the Air Force?

Cooper Hefner was born in 1991 and has since gone on to become a United States Air Force officer. His father is the founder of Playboy magazine, Hugh Hefner. Cooper’s favorite part about his job is working with people to establish safety standards for military aircraft. Cooper Hefner, Playboy’s Chief Creative Officer, is in the US Air Force.

Cooper Hefner Still in the Air Force

It is unclear if he will be returning to his work after completing his duty. Another day, another controversy for the youngest son of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner. Cooper Hefner has been accused of sexual harassment by multiple women who served as Playboy models, including one who alleges he sexually assaulted her.

Cooper Hefner was previously an Airman 1st Class in the United States Air Force Reserve, but he is now no longer serving with the military branch.

Family Background

Cooper Hefner, the 31-year old son of famed Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, is now in charge of running the company. Cooper has always been very close to his father and has credited him for teaching him about business early on.

The co-founder of the magazine, who died three years ago, was also one of Cooper’s best friends. Cooper Hefner has reportedly been groomed to take over the company for years.

As a result, Cooper Hefner took no outside job offers for fear it would interfere with his duties as CEO of Playboy Enterprises. Cooper’s first major move as CEO was to announce an online subscription model for Playboy Magazine.

Early life

Cooper Hefner is the son of Playboy founder, Hugh Hefner. Due to his father’s fame and fortune, Cooper was born into a life of luxury. At the age of 12, Cooper was sent to a private school in Switzerland, where he learned French and German.

After graduating high school at the age of 18, he decided to attend a prestigious university in California called Chapman University for a bachelor’s degree.


Hefner graduated in 2015 and became Playboy Enterprise’s employee. When 2016 came, the direction of his career diverged with that of then-CEO Scot.

A partier during college days can oftentimes prove to have many success stories after

He recently took over the company in August 2017 when he became Chief Creative Officer. 

Hefner III was born on September 4, 1991, in Los Angeles, California. He’s at the helm of the $1 billion company that annually publishes 6 issues with more than 60 million subscribers in countries across the globe. Cooper has been a part of the company since birth and has been in charge of Playboy Enterprises ever since.

In January 2016, he was promoted from Chief Creative Officer to Chief Executive Officer. The son of Hugh Hefner, Cooper had been working with Playboy for over 20 years before he was officially appointed CEO in 2016.

The first time he made headlines was when he took over the job of Creative Director at Playboy Enterprises at the age of 25. Then, in 2017, Cooper became CEO of what is now known as The Cooper Hefner Company.

Military Man

So he is still in the airforce, we will discuss the life of Cooper Hefner, a military man who was deployed to Afghanistan. First and foremost, he is a soldier who has been deployed twice to Afghanistan and Iraq before being medically discharged from the Army. The first time was for a year in 2006 and 2007, and then again from 2009-2010.

After his second tour, Cooper suffered from severe PTSD as well as traumatic brain injuries from the roadside improvised explosive devices he encountered over there. As part of his father’s “boot camp” for young adolescents, Cooper was required to read military history books, watch WWII documentaries, and participate in simulated-battle games.

When Cooper finished high school at age 18, he immediately enlisted in the Marine Corps., but did not enter boot camp until after two months of training with his father.

Family Life

Cooper Hefner, who is engaged to English model and actress Scarlett Byrne in 2015., got married to her finally at the County Clerk’s Office.

He’s taken on some of his father’s duties by running the Playboy Twitter account and in interviews, he has displayed a clear understanding of the brand. Cooper says that “the most rewarding part of my job is in taking on some of the responsibilities I had when I was younger, like running social media and dealing with press inquiries.

Cooper has been a resident at the famous Playboy Mansion since he was 17 years old, and has been an active participant in the company ever since he finished high school. In addition to being a businessman, Cooper is also a producer for many different shows on the E! network, including “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

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