Is Shoenice Real?

Is Shoenice Real

Is Shoenice real? That’s the question that has been on everyone’s mind since he first emerged on YouTube in 2009. For the past 8 years, Shoenice has consistently challenged himself to eat more and more disgusting things.

Is Shoenice Real

Although he is rumored to be a fraud, there are countless videos on YouTube of people interacting with him, proving his existence. He also had an appearance on MTV’s Wild N’ Out, where he claimed “he was the best rapper in the world.

Christopher Schewe, a YouTuber known for his drinking and eating challenges, rose to internet fame following the upload of “SHOENICE: I DRINK LEMONADE WITH BRANDY.” As of today’s date, the video has over 5 million views and over 13 thousand likes.

Shoenice’s Journey to fame

For many years, people have considered Christopher through the lens of the stupid YouTuber who drinks his own piss for money. After an interview with Anthony Fantano, Shoenice has proved that he is much more than just a youtube channel.

Throughout the years, Shoenice has taken on many different identities to prove his talent and creativity, such as Darth Santini and Father O’Blivion.

In 2008, Christopher launched his Shoenice22 YouTube channel with a video titled “SHOENICE22’S FIRST YOUTUBE VIDEO… WHAT A TRUE CLASSIC!!!” In the video, he speaks about his journey to fame and his aspirations for the future.

He captures the attention of viewers with his humorous commentary and charismatic demeanor. This video has been viewed over 2 million times on YouTube and is one of the first videos recorded by him on his channel.

Shoenice is a YouTube personality who became popular from Internet memes. From his first video, Shoenice slurping ramen noodles and yelling “SH*T TACOS!” as he “shoveled” the noodles down his throat, to more recent videos such as eating a live goldfish, drinking cat urine, and eating bugs, all with enthusiastic enthusiasm.

Proof of reality stunts

On the internet, many people create video blog segments and post them on YouTube. These videos can range from an up-close cooking demonstration to clips of a person’s daily life.

Some people take this one step further and make up unbelievable scenarios such as breaking objects or causing an injury for the sake of capturing footage. Christopher John Fuller is a video blogger who posts his work on YouTube.

If you are looking for thrilling, thrilling reality stunts, look no further than YouTube. YouTube is a popular video hosting site where users can post videos of everything from cooking to gymnastics.

One popular action-packed channel features Shoenice22, an internet star who started posting in 2008 with the risky stunts that have amassed him over 800,000 followers. The channel was deleted in 2016 after one too many stunts which were deemed unsafe for viewers by YouTube standards.

Fans can’t get their eyes off of his channel, they want more of it. He has over 1 million subscribers that post videos of him on a daily basis.

And while some may find this funny or entertaining, some believe he is going too far with the dangerous stunts and think YouTube should have never allowed for his content on their website.

Conclusion on Shoenice

Shoenice has been a social media star for quite some time now, and his number of fans only continues to grow as he ventures into newer and newer areas.

From what can be seen from his Twitter feed, YouTube channel, and many other activities on the internet, Shoenice is a fascinating person with a lot to say. The internet hero is still alive and well, but with so many people assuming he doesn’t exist, the time has come for Shoenice to come out of hiding.

He may not be able to eat anything without getting caught in 2016, but he still has his loyal fanbase who will do anything in their power to protect him.


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