James Woods IQ. Is He A Genius?

This article will explore the controversial, but fascinating question of James Woods IQ. Born in 1947, James Woods has been a Hollywood star for over fifty years, who is not only one of the most respected actors in America but also one of the richest. He has made his fortune through roles in movies like Salvador and Ghosts of Mississippi.

The James Woods IQ debate has been going on ever since the actor’s intelligence was first questioned. Is he a genius, or is he just not that bright? The debate of whether or not someone can be too smart for their own good, and if an IQ over 130 means they’re “too smart,” has come up many times in academic and scientific circles.

The real truth about James Woods IQ

James Woods has been making waves on Twitter with his controversial tweets, but what do they really mean? Is he out of touch with the world around him, or is he just trying to get a rise out of people?

James Woods IQ

The following are five sentences outlining some of James Woods’ most controversial tweets.

James Woods is an acclaimed actor. But, what really matters is his IQ, so he can be considered a genius in the field of acting.

The real truth about James Woods’ IQ has come to light thanks to some publicized comments he made on Twitter. He boasted that his IQ was “much higher” than that of Ron Paul’s, which stirred up some controversy.

Further Investigations

James Woods is best known for his role in “My Cousin Vinny” where he played the part of a fast-talking, know-it-all law student. He also played the lawyer in “JFK” and the attorney in “The Big Lebowski.” Prior to getting into acting, Woods was accepted to Harvard University but chose instead to attend College of the Holy Cross.

James Woods IQ

Since James Woods’s retirement from Hollywood, he has taken up a number of other ventures. Most notably, he is an avid Twitter user and political commentator. To date, he has amassed over 100 thousand followers on his account; many of them are fans who appreciate his conservative views and humor. Recently, Woods tweeted an IQ test to see if the media could pass it – and they failed miserably.

Since James Woods retired from Hollywood, he has taken up a number of ventures.

James Woods, a famous actor, and director has made headlines after his recent IQ score. Woods is famous for many roles in Hollywood, including the villain in “Once Upon a Time in America” and President George W. Bush in “Independence Day.” He is outspoken about his conservative views and is not shy when it comes to speaking his mind on Twitter.



The recent verdict in favor of James Woods has resulted in mass outrage. Many people came forward to express their outrage over the verdict, as well as why they believe it is wrong and should be overturned. Millions of these people were veterans who served alongside James and were deeply disappointed that he was not given a medal for his service. One veteran even said that, “James Woods saved my life multiple times” and that he should be honored for his service.

James Woods IQ

Actor James Woods was found not guilty on Tuesday of drug possession charges stemming from his arrest in May at a border crossing in Vermont. The 60-year-old actor had been charged with one count of misdemeanor drug possession and three counts of failing to update his travel plans, which are part of the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol’s “Carrying or Possessing Prohibited Articles” section of the Immigration and Naturalization Act.

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