Lana Del Rey And Clayton Johnson Relationship Timeline

Lana Del Rey And Clayton Johnson Relationship Timeline

Lana Del Rey and Clayton Johnson met in 2014 and immediately hit it off. They were together for two years before they broke up in 2016. Lana has said that Clayton was her first real love and that she’s never felt as connected to anyone else since.

The pair have remained friends and continue to support each other’s careers.

Lana Del Rey and Clayton Johnson’s relationship timeline is an interesting one. The two have been together for over a year, but their relationship has been anything but smooth sailing. Here’s a look at the ups and downs of Lana and Clayton’s relationship.

Lana Del Rey And Clayton Johnson Relationship Timeline

July 2016: Lana and Clayton meet for the first time while filming the music video for Lana’s song ” Summer Bummer.” The two hit it off immediately and begin dating shortly after. August 2016: Things are going well for Lana and Clayton, but the couple hits a rough patch when Clayton is arrested for DUI.

Lana stands by her man, however, and the two work through the incident together. September 2016: Lana releases her highly anticipated album ” Lust for Life.” The album is met with critical acclaim, but some fans are put off by its dark themes about relationships and breakups.

Despite this, “Lust for Life” goes on to become one of Lana’s most successful albums to date. October 2016: Just as things seem to be going well again for Lana and Clayton, another setback occurs when Clayton is hospitalized due to a severe anxiety attack. Once again, Lana proves her loyalty by staying by his side throughout his recovery.

Lana Del Rey And Clayton Johnson Relationship Timeline


Who was Lana Del Rey in a Relationship With?

Lana Del Rey has been in a number of high-profile relationships during her time in the spotlight. She dated musician Barrie-James O’Neill from 2011 to 2014 and was then in a relationship with Italian photographer Francesco Carrozzini from 2015 to 2017.

More recently, she was linked to rapper G-Eazy, but the pair confirmed they had broken up in 2018.

How Did Lana Del Rey Meet Clayton?

Lana Del Rey is a singer and songwriter who first gained attention with her 2012 album Born to Die. Clayton is her manager. The two met in 2010 when Lana was looking for someone to manage her career.

Clayton was recommended to her by a friend, and the two hit it off immediately. They’ve been working together ever since, and have helped Lana Del Rey become one of the most successful artists in the world.

Did G Eazy And Lana Del Rey Date?

According to rumors, G-Eazy and Lana Del Rey dated for a brief period in 2017. The two were reportedly seen together at Coachella and Lana even mentioned him in her song “Get Free.” However, it’s unclear how serious the relationship was or if it even happened at all.

Lana Del Rey engaged to musician Clayton Johnson: Lana Del Rey’s complete dating history

Lana Del Rey Boyfriends List

Lana Del Rey has had a few high-profile relationships, most notably with Barrie-James O’Neill and Francesco Carrozzini. Here’s a look at all the men who have been lucky enough to date the singer. Barrie-James O’Neill: Lana Del Rey dated Scottish musician Barrie-James O’Neill from 2011 to 2014.

The two met through mutual friends and their relationship was relatively low-key. In 2012, they were photographed together attending several red-carpet events, but they mostly kept out of the public eye. They broke up in 2014 after three years together.

Francesco Carrozzini: After her split from O’Neill, Lana Del Rey began dating Italian photographer Francesco Carrozzini. The two were first spotted together in early 2015 and they seemed to be going strong for a while. However, they eventually broke up later that year.

Sean Larkin: Rumors began swirling in early 2018 that Lana Del Rey was dating rapper Sean Larkin. The rumors proved to be true and the two were spotted together on several occasions throughout the year. However, it appears as though their relationship has cooled off as of late 2019/2020.

Lana Del Rey And Clayton Johnson Relationship Timeline

Lana Del Rey Ex Husband

Lana Del Rey is an American singer, songwriter, and model. She has been married twice, first to photographer Blake Fielder-Civil from 2007 to 2009, and then to bar owner Kieran Hayler from 2013 to 2014. Lana Del Rey’s ex-husbands have both been accused of domestic violence.

In 2012, Lana Del Rey said in an interview that she had “been with someone who was very abusive” but did not name her ex-husband.

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Lana Del Rey Ex Sean Larkin

Lana Del Rey and Sean Larkin have been dating for over a year now, and it seems like things are going great! Lana has even said that Sean is the best boyfriend she’s ever had. However, some fans are wondering if things might be getting too serious between the two.

Recently, Lana was spotted wearing a ring on her left ring finger, which has led to speculation that she and Sean might be engaged. Of course, we can’t say for sure whether or not this is true. Only Lana and Sean know what’s really going on between them.

But it definitely wouldn’t be surprising if they did get engaged soon!

Lana Del Rey And Jack Donoghue

Lana Del Rey and Jack Donoghue are one of Hollywood’s newest and most buzzed-about couples. Here’s everything you need to know about them: How they met: The couple first met in early 2020 when they were both attending a party at the same club in Los Angeles.

They hit it off immediately and have been dating ever since. What they do together: Lana and Jack love spending time together, whether it’s going on romantic dates or just hanging out at home. They’re often seen taking walks around their neighborhood or going for coffee runs.

They’re also big fans of traveling together. In the past year, they’ve been to Italy, Mexico, and Hawaii together. And just last month, they took a trip to Japan where Lana performed at a music festival.

What people are saying about them: People can’t get enough of Lana and Jack! They’re constantly being praised for being one of the cutest couples in Hollywood. And many people are speculating that an engagement could be on the horizon!

Lana Del Rey Engaged

Lana Del Rey is engaged to her boyfriend, Clayton Johnson. The couple has been together for over a year and a half, and they got engaged on Lana’s birthday, which is today (June 21). Lana took to Instagram to share the news, writing “21 years old today and engaged to my love. Thank you for all of the love today. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world”:

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Lana Del Rey (@lanadelrey) on Jun 21, 2019, at 12:18 pm PDT Clayton also posted about the engagement on his own Instagram account: View this post on Instagram A post shared by Clayton Johnson (@claytonjohnson) on Jun 21, 2019, at 12:19 pm PDT

The couple met through mutual friends and they started dating in 2017. Clayton is a musician who plays in the band Emotional Oranges. We’re so happy for Lana and wish her all the best in this next chapter of her life!

Lana Del Rey James Franco

Lana Del Rey is one of the most popular singers in the world, and James Franco is one of the most popular actors. They’ve both been in the public eye for years, and their fan bases are huge. But did you know that they’re also friends?

The two have been spotted out together on multiple occasions, and it’s clear that they enjoy each other’s company.

In fact, Lana even wrote a song about James called “Blue Velvet.” The pair have also collaborated on a short film called “Palo Alto,” which was directed by Franco.

It’s great to see two talented people supporting each other’s work. We can only hope that we’ll see more projects from these two friends in the future.


Lana Del Rey and Clayton Johnson have been in a relationship since early 2017. The couple has been through ups and downs, but they seem to be going strong. Here is a timeline of their relationship so far:

January 2017: Lana and Clayton are first spotted together in Los Angeles. May 2017: The couple makes their red carpet debut at the Met Gala. September 2017: Lana and Clayton take a break from each other.

December 2017: Lana and Clayton get back together. March 2018: The couple goes on a romantic vacation to Hawaii.

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