Rosemary Margaret Hobor: Bio, Net Worth and Interesting Facts

Rosemary Margaret Hobor was a Canadian comedy actress best known as the wife of John Candy. Born in Toronto, Ontario, she met John when she was working as a waitress at a Greek restaurant and they were married in 1979. Together they had three children: Jennifer, Jennifer, and Christopher. She was the only female comedian to work with her husband on all of his pictures and often had small parts playing wives or mothers in his films.

Rosemary Margaret Hobor

Rosemary Margaret Hobor, the wife of comedian and actor John Candy, has since gone on to become a successful author. Hobor was born in Canada but later moved to Michigan. She worked as an administrative assistant at the University until her retirement in 1991. Honor is best known for The Breadwinner Pig (2005), which she wrote with co-author Carrie Veltman; the book’s protagonist is an imaginary pig that helps its animal family survive during the Great Depression.

Early life

Rosemary Margaret Hobor Early life was born on August 30, 1949, in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

Honor is a Canadian poet who focuses more on objectivity and the outdoors as a basis for her poetry. She studied at the University of Waterloo and received a degree in English literature. After finishing school she worked as an elementary school teacher before going to France to study the French language and culture at La Sorbonne.

She began her career as a CBC Radio producer and worked on the radio show Night Lines for over 20 years. Over the course of her career, she won five Golden Sheaf Awards for excellence in radio broadcasting. She was also honored with a Rosalie Award for lifetime achievement.

Rosemary Margaret Hobor

Her first meet up with John Candy

Rosemary Margaret Hobor first meet up with John Candy, when she was playing hide and seek at her kindergarten class party. She ran into him while he was hiding behind the coats rack, and they started playing together.

As time went on his family moved away, but John and Rosemary kept in touch by writing letters to each other. They would also write notes to each other through their individual classes during school hours. After high school, they reunited for dinner one night.

They met when Rosemary was working at the Second City in Toronto. Working at the Second City, Rosemary had an idea that she wanted to create a comedy show for children, but she herself knew that she couldn’t do it all on her own. So, she went to John and pitched her idea to him and he agreed.

Marriage and children

Families have been a major part of the history of the world. Different cultures have different views on family life, but most agree that marriage is an important institution. In America, marriage is often seen as a way to legitimize children and help them become productive citizens in society.

Rosemary Margaret Hobor

John and his wife have three children. They couldn’t be happier with their decision to marry and have children early in life.

The death of her husband

A beloved actor and comedian, John Candy’s life was cut short on March 4, 1994. He died from a heart attack at the age of 43 due to years of overeating and lack of exercise. Married to Rosemary Margaret Hobor, his wife carried on his legacy by continuing to study psychology and teaching at the University of Toronto where he also taught.

John Candy was born in Newmarket, Ontario in 1950 and later moved to Scarborough with his family.

Rosemary Margaret Hobor

John Candy, Rosemary Margaret Hobor’s husband of 9 years, died on March 4, 1994, at age 43.

He was an actor best known for his role as Del Griffith in the comedy films “Splash” and “Home Alone”. After he died from a heart attack, his wife Rosemary took her husband’s remains back to Canada and buried them in a private ceremony near their home.

Candy had always been a favorite of Hobor.

Rose never married again

Known as a chef to the stars, Rosemary Margaret Hobor was widowed when her husband John Candy died. Rosemary never married again after John’s death and dedicated herself to cooking and entertaining her family and friends with her famous dishes.

Rosemary Margaret Hobor never married again after her husband John Candy died. Although she went on to date other men, she never found the love that she shared with her husband. When asked about her love life in an interview, Rosemary replied “I just don’t have time for dating.”

Net worth

Rosemary Margaret Hobor, the heiress of the Hobor fortune and founder of the Honor Foundation, is worth over $1 million. Known as a philanthropist and an avid traveler, Rosemary has amassed a fortune through her many successful businesses and investments. The Foundation is based in New York City and is one of the largest private foundations in Puerto Rico with assets that exceed $7 billion.


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Some facts about Rosemary Margaret:

Some facts about Rosemary Margaret:

– She was born on August 30, 1949

– She is the youngest of 3 children

– Her favorite color is purple

– Her favorite food is chocolate chip cookies

– She loves to read and write

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