The Most Liked Comment on YouTube

The most liked comment on YouTube is “I’m not crying. I’m just so incredibly happy.” and while some people don’t seem to understand this joke, it has been liked or commented on over 16 million times.

This video of a young man stating that he’s not crying but rather just very happy was uploaded by his friend and fellow college student, Kevin; it has since become one of the most iconic moments in Youtube history.

YouTube Video With The Most Liked Comment

It can be hard to find a video worth watching on YouTube. Most videos are either too long, too short, too boring, or not informative enough. The video with the most liked comment is a compilation of dogs barking and howling. It has over 1,100 likes and it only lasts for two minutes. The video does not have much going for it except that dogs barking is enjoyable to listen to.

YouTube is a great place to watch videos of people doing things, or just for fun. Sometimes you can have some really deep conversations with people on YouTube, but most of the time it’s just silly comments about something stupid. One of the most liked comments is from a video titled “How to make anything fly with your mind” by Dina Tortorella. This video has over 154 million views and has had over 2 million likes on the comment section alone.

Hailing from a small YouTube channel with less than 100,000 subscribers, this comment has been called the “most liked” on the platform. With over 1 million likes, this comment has been viewed more times than many of YouTube’s top videos. The comment was made by a user named “misterbbear”. It reads:

No matter what you do or say to try and break him, he’ll always come back for more.

The most liked comment

Your favorite comment could be the one you never expect. In a recent study by Facebook, the most liked comments from men and women were both sentimental in nature. The top 10 comments from females tended to be about love, whether it was a child commenting on a photo of their father or a friend’s wedding day. For males, sentiments were typically about friends or family.

Comments are the thoughts and feelings left behind for your friends to see. Comments can be seen as a window into someone’s life; whether it’s describing what they’re watching on TV, or what they had for dinner. Comments can also reveal more about a person, such as if they feel like things are too hectic in their life or just want someone to talk to. Comments can be your best friend when you’re feeling down or happy.

The most liked comment on a post of a news article is often the saddest. People find themselves in a place of sadness when they see how many people have been affected by the tragic event that has occurred.

A homicide victim’s family, a pregnant woman killed in a car crash, and an airplane crash victim.

YouTube videos with most likes

Many people like to watch YouTube videos for entertainment. One way people find videos they like is by looking at the number of likes on specific videos. The video with the most likes is “Crazy Bus Road Rage”. This video has over 10 million views and over 1 million likes. The video shows an older man tripping up a younger man who was walking past him on the street.

YouTube has evolved over the years and is now a social media platform where subscribers can find any content they are looking for. Along with the growth of YouTube, so have the number of views, comments, and likes on videos. There is a wide variety of content being uploaded to YouTube including cooking tutorials, makeup tutorials, music videos, reaction videos, and more. One aspect that has been growing steadily is reaction videos.

What is the world’s most-liked comment?

CarryMinatis: Remark is the most enjoyed remark on youtube. This remark is stuck via, CarryMinat on the video YALGAAR CARRYMINATI X Wily Frenzy.

The most favorite comment on YouTube is ‘Carrie Minatois,’ and it has been commented on more than two million times. The most liked comment is a video of Carrie Minatois, a woman with such an unusual name that people can’t help but find her videos and leave her comments.

In a recent study, YouTube has been trying to find out which is the most liked comment on its website. The company found that people seem to have a wide range of preferences when it comes to comments. In general, people seem to love reading news-related comments and humorous comments. However, many people also enjoy reading questions that they might be able to answer in the comments section below. Additionally, some commenters have been cited as having the best replies with deep insight and clever humor.


Other comments that have been liked a lot

The world is full of people who enjoy leaving comments on social media. Some of these comments are good and others are not. It is hard to tell which comments will be liked the most, but some general guidelines can help you know which comments to avoid.

Many people have used social media to express their opinions about the recent death of beloved actor, Leonard Cohen. Some people believe that he was a profound and meaningful artist who will be missed, while others think his death was due to the fact that he did not “go out on top”. Comments are all over the board, but there are two points in particular that seem to see an agreement among many.

According to YouTube, the most liked comment of all time is “All these other commenters are jealous.” This comment has received over 1.8 million likes and was posted on a video called “Logan Paul Just Broke The Youtube Record”. Many people find it ironic that someone would be envious of someone who is being disliked for their actions.

Notwithstanding, there is a rundown of remarks underneath that are or have been once the most preferred remarks on YouTube.

  1. Britain is my city, New York is my lake, china is my structure, earth is my location by Zemzy Oseris (3.2K preferences)

2. This new Roblox update is wonderful by Grandday (366K preferences)

3. Bought in by PewDiePie (274K preferences)

4. Tear ninja that damn ligma by Ninja (119K preferences)

5. I’m intrigued. They figure out how to exacerbate it consistently (363K preferences)

6. Our fresh out of the box new single orchestra with Zara Larsson is out at this point!!! Eeeeek trust you like it by Clean Bandit (200K preferences)

7. Lil Dicky: We love the Earth

However, public Geographic: Same

By public Geographic (806K preferences)

8. 2017 was the time of Diss Tracks

2018 was the time of Fortnite

2019 will be the time of Animation Collabs

By Jeremy Boateng (3.2K preferences)

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