What Does Nicki Minaj’s Tattoo Mean

What Does Nicki Minaj’s Tattoo Mean?

Nicki Minaj has a new tattoo that is raising eyebrows; the new tattoo is on her foot and it reads “Angel of Death.” The phrase is taken from her song “The Devil Is A Lie,” and is often misinterpreted as a reference to Satan.

Nicki has had other tattoos in the past, such as “Money On My Mind” and “Property Of Pac. Nicki Minaj is a recording artist, record producer, author, and actress. Her name is Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty, but you might know her better by her stage name Nicki Minaj.

What Does Nicki Minaj’s Tattoo Mean

She was born on December 8, 1982, in Trinidad. She was raised in Queens in New York City. Nicki started off as a rap artist then became an actress who has starred in many movies including The Other Woman with Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann.

She has sold 137 million records worldwide and is one of the best-selling female artists. Nicki Minaj has proved to be an unstoppable force in both hip hop and pop music, while also becoming a fashion icon, businesswoman, and philanthropist.

With tattoos that some say are her way of signaling her dominance in the rap game, this Rap Queen is sure to keep on growing.

Nicki’s First Tattoo

Nicki got a very visible Chinese tattoo when she was 16, which she has since admitted that she regrets. Despite not being religious, Nicki’s first tattoo was an acknowledgment of her beliefs.

The tattoo is one word, written in both English and Mandarin, meaning “Dragon Sin”. This word is the name for her belief system based upon Taoism and Buddhism, stemming from the spiritual leader Lao Tzu’s teachings.

What Does Nicki Minaj’s Tattoo Mean

Nicki has the Chinese Hanzi tattoo on her upper left arm and she loves the meaning behind it.

She had it in black and it says “Shàngdì yŭ nĭ cháng zài” which means ‘God is always with you’ translated to ‘God is always around’. Nicki has been a Christian for over 10 years and she got the tattoo to remind herself that God is always there.

Nicki’s Tattoo History

Nicki Minaj has always had a knack for style. She is famous for her distinctive designs. Nicki Minaj has been spotted with several tattoos that have been a sensation amongst people everywhere.

One of the more recent ones that she got is on her inner lip and was also featured in an Instagram video as well as a Twitter post. Nicki’s favorite tattoo seems to be the butterfly one she got on her lower back. She has said, “It symbolizes rebirth and transformation.

Nicki Minaj has two visible tattoos on her body, each with a different meaning. The first tattoo on Nicki’s chest is a peace sign.

The peace sign was originally created as a symbol against nuclear war and features the letters N and D for nuclear disarmament. Nicki has said she got this tattoo to remind herself of her values and to promote peace.

Tattoos and Their Meaning

When we see a tattoo, we often think of the person as who they are and what they represent. Tattoos are an important part of our culture and society as a whole, but what do these tattoos mean? What do they stand for?

A tattoo is an outward show of something that is significant to the wearer; it’s not just about style or fashion. As tattoos go mainstream and become more and more popular, the meanings behind them become more and more important.

  • 1. Chinese Tattoo on Upper Arm

Chinese tattoo on the upper arm. Her first tattoo that reads 上帝與你常在 that translated to mean ‘God is With Me’ and it is on her upper left arm. The tattoo is beautiful but is one Nicki regrets getting because the tattoo was poorly done and it hurt a lot during the process.

In order to not have any more mistakes, she has been reading as much as she could about tattoos before deciding where to get another.

When Nicki Minaj’s mother found out about her daughter’s tattoo, she was not pleased. Carol Maraj disapproved of getting a tattoo at such a young age when she already had a tongue ring.

This led to a lot of contention in the Maraj household. Nicki Minaj’s mother wanted to limit the number of markings on her daughter’s body and encouraged her to wait to get another tattoo.

2. Nicki Minaj Barbie Tattoo

Nicki Minaj has a tattoo of a Barbie logo inside the right wrist. She believes that loyalty can come in different ways and Barbies always represent that perfection is not sinning.

The Barbie doll and its logo were created by the world-renowned designer, Ruth Handler, who was inspired by her daughter’s fascination with the toy. She realized that there was no toy for little boys and began creating an all-new doll for girls; this would be called Barbie.

She has a net worth of over $85 million and is often called a Barbie by fans who meet her because of her appearance, makeup, clothing, and similarity to the toy doll. Nicki has said that she loves it when people call her Barbie because she feels like she’s playing with them.

In 2018, Nicki Minaj made her comeback with the release of her album “Queen.” In an interview about the album, she decided to tattoo a Barbie version of herself on her arm as a reminder of the best era in her music career.

This tattoo was done by artist Dr. Woo and it is located on her forearm. She wanted a symbol of what she had accomplished and how far she has come from her humble beginnings.

Wrapping Up

Millennials are more likely to get tattoos than people of any other generation. This is partly because Millennials are less conservative, but also because it is easier to be body positive when you are in your 20s.

The decision to get a tattoo should never be taken lightly. One of the most important things to consider when getting a tattoo is where on the body you want it. Pinterest has fantastic designs as well.

However, if you enter a tattoo shop without any preparation, chances are you’ll be very overwhelmed. Don’t make any decisions without first speaking to the tattoo artist about what you want and making sure they don’t have any objections to the design.

Many people find themselves procrastinating on getting tattoos. They feel like they need more time to pick out a design or more time to think about what they are getting. However, this can lead to someone regretting their tattoo in the future because they are not 100% sure that it is the one they want.

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