What Happened to Dj Paul’s Hand?

Dj Paul is an American hip-hop artist who was a founding member of the rap group Three 6 Mafia. In 1984, Dj Paul was living with his family in Memphis, Tennessee. In 2004, he was involved in a car accident that left him without the use of his right hand.

He had been on the phone with his wife while driving, and failed to see the car ahead of him and smashed into them head-on. This crushed his scapula and mangled his hand.


Dj Paul is a well-known DJ from Memphis, Tennessee. He was born on January 12, 1977, and has been a DJ for more than 20 years. Dj Paul got into the business when he was just 12 years old selling cassettes of local rappers’ tapes.

He started out by going to small record shops and buying cassette tapes of local artists, then selling them for profit at school and at work.

What Happened to Dj Paul’s Hand

He took the name “DJ Paul” as a child after being teased for his first name of Paul. His first release was on Gangsta Blac’s 1996 album “The Dog Way Out.” The two then released collaborations together into the late 1990s.

Dj Paul, born Paul W. Spivey, is a DJ based out of Memphis, Tennessee. His first love for music came from his father’s record player. At the age of two, he had already formed an affinity for vinyl records and oldies music that ranged from Jazz to Motown to Soul.

Memphis Star

Dj Paul is a famous DJ that has been playing music for 12 years. His journey to Memphis began at the age of six when he first started DJing for his family’s parties.

Dj Paul is now recognized as one of the best talents in Memphis, having opened up for acts such as Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, and T-Pain. He has also played alongside other big artists like Juicy J, Young Dolph, and Yo Gotti.

What Happened to Dj Paul’s Hand

In Memphis, Tennessee’s Soul Music Scene, Dj Paul has been a present since the 1990s. Raised in the rough and tough South Memphis neighborhood of Wheeler Street, he made a name for himself by DJing his own parties and playing internationally known musicians at venues across the world.

DJ Paul is a Memphis native and rapper of the famous rap group Three 6 Mafia. He was born in 1973 and he had a rough childhood where his father was a drug dealer, from which he got into drugs.

In 1987, DJ Paul became one of the youngest members of the group but quit before they were signed to Motown Records.

DJ Paul’s Right Arm

DJ Paul has been a DJ for as long as he can remember, but after losing his right arm finger in a car accident last year, he was forced to adapt to new ways of doing his job. As if this obstacle was not enough, the summer heat and humidity were at an all-time high and DJ Paul found himself unable to do any work whatsoever.

What Happened to Dj Paul’s Hand

DJ Paul’s life changed forever after a car accident left him with one less finger. The accident occurred in the early morning of July 24th, 2018 on his way home from celebrating his wife’s birthday.

He was driving down the highway when he came across an animal crossing the road. He swerved to avoid it but hit it, which led to the accident happening.

After battling with insurance companies for weeks, he finally got coverage to cover his right arm and hand.

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Birth Condition

Members of the public have been aware of DJ Paul’s condition for years as he has made it a priority to use his music as a vehicle to educate people. In 2015, DJ Paul teamed up with the National Birth Defects Prevention Network to release a song called “In My Hands” which is being used as part of an educational campaign about birth defects.

DJ Paul was born with a birth condition that caused his left arm to be much shorter than his right. Born in 1977, he grew up in the rough and tumble world of Detroit, which instilled a work ethic and sense of toughness that has served him well throughout his life. With the help of doctors and therapists, DJ Paul found ways to function as best as possible with one arm.

DJ Paul Spins with One Hand? How?

DJ Paul’s fans have been wondering how he spins with only one hand for years. Paul has been playing music since he was a toddler when he would sit in on his dad’s gigs and use the spare set of turntables to mix records. With just one hand, he still manages to do what most DJs can’t- spin with pinpoint accuracy and unmatched precision.

DJ Paul is an avid DJ and wants to show off his craft. What better way than to spin with one hand? Learn how he does it so you can impress your friends at your next party!

DJ Paul of Three Six Mafia had a YouTube video of him spinning records with one hand. Many people have been asking the question, “How does he do that?” DJ Paul has been spinning records since the age of 4 and is currently one of the most well-known DJs in Memphis.

The DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia is notorious for his ‘DJ skills. His latest stunt has been filmed on Instagram (@djpaulkom), showing him spinning a record on his hand with one arm. DJ Paul, who has 405k followers on Instagram, has since uploaded the video and it is currently going viral with over 4 million views in just 2 days.

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