Who is Amanda Grahovec? Everything You Need to Know

Amanda Grahovec is a US-born cross-country runner who was recently named the 2018 NCAA Division I Women’s Athlete of the Year. She was also awarded the Hermann Trophy, which is akin to the “Heisman Trophy” of women’s soccer. Amanda grew up in Illinois and attended Wheaton College. In her senior year, she won five individual titles and led her team to a 5th place finish at nationals.

Amanda is the girlfriend of Ice hockey player Patrick Timothy Kane, Jr. She has been with him for roughly 2 years and attends most Chicago Blackhawks games. When she’s not at the game, she’s cheering on her boyfriend on social media. Amanda was born in Buffalo but attended university in Pittsburgh. She is currently a sports reporter for WGN-TV in Chicago.

Amanda is the girlfriend of Patrick Kane, an NHL player for the Chicago Blackhawks. She is a self-proclaimed “loyal supporter” who often appears in the stands at hockey games.

Born in Chicago

Amanda Grahovec was the first female to play NCAA Division 1 Basketball. Amanda grew up in Chicago, IL, and realized her passion for basketball at a young age. She played for the University of Illinois and had an impressive four-year career.

Amanda had a lot of success and went on to play professionally in Europe, then later moved back home to Chicago where she became an assistant coach at the University of Illinois-Chicago.

Amanda Grahovec was born on October 28, 1987, in Chicago. She first became a professional golfer at the age of 15 years old. In 2007 she won her first LPGA Tour event at the Navistar LPGA Classic. Amanda will play in the U.S. Open as an amateur this year, to compete against professionals as a “bump golfer”.

Romantic Affair with Patrick Kane

It’s now confirmed that there was a romantic affair between Blackhawks player, Patrick Kane and Amanda Grahovec. The two met through mutual friends at the party of Rickard Rakell, who is one of Kane’s teammates. This all started when they danced together at the party and later shared a kiss. Now it seems like they have been texting non-stop for weeks.

Amanda Grahovec, a former Hawks fan, is involved in an affair with Patrick Kane. They first met when he was on the cover of Sports Illustrated. She was impressed with his athletic ability and good looks. When asked about how their relationship started she replied “you know I don’t wanna go too much into detail!

Amanda Grahovec’s romantic affair with Patrick Kane has been a widely publicized and scrutinized topic of conversation for the past few months.

With such a high-profile case, it is difficult to verify whether or not there is any truth behind the allegations. However, if these allegations hold true, Amanda Grahovec may be at risk for physical abuse, manipulation, and even sexual coercion.

Furthermore, hockey fans will not forget that Amanda’s boyfriend had dated Jackie Dymora in January 2010. Unfortunately, this relationship never lasted for long as Kane and Jackie split in the same year. The power couple shared a kiss on the ice during the final game of their season which was televised on camera and sent social media into a frenzy.

On the Edge of Marriage?

Many couples who have been together for this long will start to consider taking their relationship more seriously, which often means engagement. Patrick and Amanda were no exception. The couple has been living together since 2010, but took the next step in 2019.

A proposal is usually a big event that many people are waiting for, but not much is known about the proposal or the engagement itself.

Patrick and Amanda’s romantic and life-long relationship has been the talk of the town for years now. They met at a bar in Rhode Island and dated for years before deciding to live together. For Patrick, it was an easy decision as he is a Rhode Islander, but Amanda is from Washington DC.

Over the years, they have both become used to living on either side of the country; however, those days are now over as they made their marriage official this year!


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