Who Is Ian Miles Cheong? Why do people care where he lives?

Who Is Ian Miles Cheong

Ian Miles Cheong is a Singapore-based American columnist and video game media figure. He’s been an editor at The Guardian and contributed to several blogs and other publications.

Recently, he has caught the attention of many internet users for his lawsuit against Game Journo Pros, a gaming journalism site.

Who Is Ian Miles Cheong

He alleges that the site was established as a “blacklist” to prevent him from finding work in the industry. With all this attention, people want to know where he lives!  However, Ian Miles Cheong is a video game journalist and blogger that has been living in Malaysia for quite some time now.

At the end of November, he tweeted that he was supposed to be moving back to Canada to take care of his mother, but this may not happen anytime soon.

Ian Miles Cheong has been an active member on Twitter for years, tweeting about video games and other topics. He also shares his personal life with his followers.

Who is Ian Miles Cheong?

Ian Miles Cheong has made a name and gathered a lot of attention on Twitter by constantly commenting on US politics. Before getting into US politics, he was a notable figure in the gaming journalism industry.

Ian’s background is in engineering, working as an electrical engineer for an oil company before he quit to work as editor-in-chief at Gameranx.

At the time, He first rose to prominence as a video game journalist but was suspended from his position at the time after accusations of corruption.

His career began to decline after he defended Zoe Quinn, a female game developer who was accused of sleeping with journalists for positive reviews. This ultimately led to the demise of his career in journalism.

Where does Ian Miles Cheong Come From?

Twitter fans recently realized that Ian Miles Cheong does not live in America, but on the other end of the globe in Malaysia. The revelation sparked social media outrage over his lack of American patriotism and led to allegations that he was playing up certain views for ad revenue.

Cheong, who resigned from Kotaku after disagreeing with their editorial stance, claims he’s really just trying to make a living. In the past, Malaysia has taken a careful approach to the coronavirus.

By adopting a stricter policy, Malaysia now has the strictest measure against the coronavirus in the world, outside of China.,” Cheong said at the time. “5,251 cases, 2967 recovered. 86 deat.

Malaysia became a member of the World Health Organization on 22 September 1964. In 1967 it enacted legislation to regulate all medical facilities and practitioners in Malaysia.

Ian Miles Cheong Controversies

Ian Miles Cheong is a journalist who focuses on politics and culture with a keen interest in Trump-era American Politics. His interest in American Politics is not the only reason he has been at the center of attention.

In fact, he has been at the center of many controversies including the Gamergate controversy, which was a major cultural rift within gaming culture from 2014 to 2017.

Reddit Scandal

In 2012, Reddit moderator Christopher “moot” Poole banned Redditor violent crew from the site after he was apparently using his status to self-promote.

His posts had gained him notoriety with the media, and his banishment sparked outrage among members of the Reddit community. 

The incident raised questions about what was permissible on a site that is dedicated to open discussion. 

This led to an uproar among users who considered it censorship.

Cheong Campaigning against HuniePop

HuniePop, a dating simulator game developed by HuniePot, has gained a lot of attention from the users of the #Gamergate and later made it into the top 10 list for selling games on Steam.

The game is described as being “a unique sim experience for PC, Mac, and Linux that offers a fresh twist on the classic formula”.

The game which was released during the height of the controversy over sexism in video games has become one of the most popular titles on Steam.

It has caught notice for its women-heavy cast, which is unusual among video games, as well as for being a match-3 puzzle game with RPG elements.

What does Ian Miles Cheong Do?

Ian Miles Cheong is a popular figure in the gaming community, who used to work for Kotaku before leaving after receiving death threats from angry gamers.

He currently runs a YouTube channel called Hype Break, which majorly focussed on the gaming industry that he once hated. Ian has also written for an impressive list of publications, including The Guardian and Ars Technica.

Ian Miles Social Media Handles





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