Who Is Sharee Hough? Everything You Need To Know

Some of the most well-known Hollywood families have always maintained an excellent public image. Sharee Hough is one of those. Living in the spotlight with her family, she’s not shy to show off her kids and their adorable antics through social media.

Whether it be posing for pictures on the red carpet or posting videos of her son reciting his lines from his favorite Disney movie, Sharee has it all together.

You may have heard of the renowned families in Hollywood living an exquisite lifestyle with impeccable careers. Sharee Hough is one of these families, but her background is much different than others. Hough was born in Chicago and raised by her single mom.

When she was only eight years old, her father was killed in a car accident, leaving her mother to raise Sharee and her two sisters alone.

Early Life, Parents, and Siblings

Expectant parents of a new baby are often curious about the child’s future outlook. Sharee’s early life, her family, and her upbringing have shaped this young woman into who she is today.

Who Is Sharee Hough

Sharee was born on 22nd July 1977 in Orem, Utah, in the United States. She is the daughter of Marriane Hogh and Bruce Robert Hough.

Without any siblings, Sharee had what she described as an “idyllic” upbringing with her parents. They were raised in a small town in Ohio where they attended Southern Baptist Church on Sundays.

Sharee’s father was an electrical engineer who traveled the world while working for GE, and her mother worked as a teacher at their local school. As Sharee grew up, she recalls how her parents would praise achievement and offer support to help her be successful.


Sharee Hough is a multi-talented lady with outstanding and impeccable skills. She started her career as a flight attendant, but she decided to quit her job due to the tight schedule in that career field.

Mrs. Hough is an artist as well as a talented singer and songwriter. At some point, she became interested in acting and has been successful at it too! What’s more, she’s also had some success as a comedian on YouTube!

Who Is Sharee Hough

Since the life of a flight attendant is quite demanding, Sharee Hough decided to step away from this career field and take her talent elsewhere. Sharee has always been very talented in many domains, especially cooking; she decided to utilize these skills by becoming a chef.

She has excelled in this profession, working as an assistant chef for one of the best eateries in her region. The restaurant’s food is consistently praised and people love the ambiance it provides.

Sharee Hough is a multi-talented lady with outstanding and impeccable skills. She started her career as a flight attendant, but she decided to quit her job due to the tight schedule in that career field. Sharee then went on to become a freelance writer and virtual assistant for over two years.

She has been in the field of marketing and advertising for over seven years now.

Who Is Sharee Hough

One fitness guru that has made a name for herself is Sharee Hough. What sets her apart from most fitness professionals is that she fuses her passion for cardio with social media ventures. Her mantra, “Anytime, anywhere” focuses more on doing cardio than weight training.

She started teaching in 2006, and since then has created gym workouts, How to Lose Weight Fast videos, and blogs.


Sharee Hough is a very inspirational woman. She was married at nineteen, and she had two children together with her husband, Randall Wise. They divorced in 1980 after thirty-one years of marriage. Somehow, Sharee managed to create a successful love life that has lasted decades.

Who Is Sharee Hough

When Sharee and her ex-husband finalized their divorce in 2017, she met Mark Selman just a few months later. The two lovebirds started dating and got engaged on 17th February 2018.

Sharee and Mark don’t live in the same town but they make sure to see each other at least once a week when possible. They plan on getting married this November and are both super excited for what is yet to come.

We all know that getting divorced can be difficult, but sometimes, things work out. Sharee’s first marriage ended in divorce after five years of marriage.

After some time she met Mark Selman and they began to date. This relationship lasted only six months before they got engaged. They got married on 18th September 2018 and are now happily married.

Net Worth

Sharee is a multi-talents and smart lady with great bucks from her business. The entrepreneur has not made $500 at this point, but it is estimated to be around that amount.

Sharee has an online store that sells different items like beauty products, gadgets like cell phones, laptops, etc., shoes, and other fashion accessories to supplement her income. Sharee is very creative and in demand in the biz world for her creativity in branding.

Who Is Sharee Hough

Joanne ‘Jo’ Fiore is a fitness instructor who has earned her wealth throughout the course of her successful career. She started with teaching people at her own studio, before branching out to teach classes at various high schools, gyms, and even some prisons.

Her net worth is around $500, but there are no exact numbers gathered. This may be due to the fact that she has many different business ventures that are not solely focused on fitness training.


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Social Media Presence

Social media is a powerful tool for sharing one’s life with their followers. With the rise in popularity of platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, people have found creative ways to use these platforms and engage with their followers.

Sharee Hough follows this trend and posts often to her 17.7k followers, but what does her page look like? To find out more about Sharee’s social media presence, please read on.

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