Is Amenadiel Based on a Real Angel Or Just Made Up for Lucifer?

Is Amenadiel Based on a Real Angel Or Just Made Up for Lucifer

Amenadiel is not based on a real angel, but rather he is a made-up character for the show Lucifer. However, many aspects of his character may be inspired by different angels in religious texts.

For example, his name means “angel of God” in Hebrew and he is the firstborn son of God in the show, which are both characteristics of the archangel Michael.


Additionally, Amenadiel has wings in the show (although they are usually hidden), which is another attribute commonly associated with angels.

Amenadiel is one of the main characters in the TV show Lucifer. He is the eldest son of God and a fallen angel. Many people believe that Amenadiel is based on a real angel, but there is no evidence to support this claim.

It is more likely that he was created for the show.

Is Amenadiel Based on a Real Angel Or Just Made Up for Lucifer


What is Amenadiel Based On

Amenadiel is a fallen angel and the eldest of all of God’s angels. He was cast out of Heaven for leading a rebellion against God. Amenadiel has been working to redeem himself ever since and has taken on the role of guardian angel for his younger brother, Lucifer.

Is Amenadiel a Real Angel Or Just Made Up for Lucifer

Amenadiel is a real angel who appears in the television series Lucifer. He is the eldest of all of God’s angels and his responsibilities include watching over Hell and maintaining Heaven’s gates. In the show, Amenadiel often acts as an adversary to his younger brother Lucifer Morningstar.

Amenadiel first appears in the pilot episode, where he visits Lucifer in Los Angeles and asks him to return to Hell. When Lucifer refuses, Amenadiel uses his powers to try and force him back but eventually gives up and returns to report back to their father, God.

It is later revealed that Amenadiel was sent by God to help Lucifer find his purpose after he became disillusioned with the ruler-ship of Hell.

Is Amenadiel Based on a Real Angel Or Just Made Up for Lucifer

To this end, Amenadiel works with Maze (a demon) and Dr. Linda Martin (Lucifer’s therapist) in order to get Lucifer back on track.

However, their efforts are repeatedly thwarted by Lucifer himself who seems content living a life of luxury and debauchery.

A major plot point in Season 2 is when Amenadiel begins developing feelings for Dr. Martin which eventually leads to them sleeping together; however, this creates a rift between him and Maze who had also developed romantic feelings for Linda.

Eldest son of God? Check. Responsible for safeguarding Hell?

Check. powerful enough stop time? Unfortunately not even close according to Wikipedia’s page on Amenadiel: “He can fly, super strength…can open any lock…[and] pyrokinesis” among other abilities—but sadly no Time Stopping 101 class apparently.

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How Does Amenadiel Fit into the Story of Lucifer

Amenadiel is an angel of God who first appears in the story when Lucifer arrives in Los Angeles. He is the one who tells Lucifer that he must return to Hell, but Lucifer refuses. Amenadiel then tries to force him back by using his powers to make things happen, but it doesn’t work because Lucifer has free will.

Is Amenadiel Based on a Real Angel Or Just Made Up for Lucifer

In the end, Amenadiel accepts that Lucifer is happy in Los Angeles and gives up trying to convince him to go back.

Why is Amenadiel Important to the Show

Amenadiel is the first and oldest of Lucifer’s siblings. He followed in their father’s footsteps and became an angel. Amenadiel has a very serious and reserved personality, which often puts him at odds with his younger brother Lucifer.

However, he does care deeply for his family and friends. Amenadiel plays a very important role in the show as he is often the one who is trying to keep Lucifer in check. He also serves as a reminder to Lucifer that he needs to take his responsibilities seriously.

Amenadiel also has a lot of knowledge about Heaven and Hell, which comes in handy when dealing with supernatural beings on the show.

Is Amenadiel Based on a Real Angel Or Just Made Up for Lucifer

What Would Happen If Amenadiel Wasn’T in the Show

If Amenadiel wasn’t in the show, it’s possible that Lucifer would never have reconnected with his father and come to terms with his feelings about him.

Amenadiel has been a key figure in Lucifer’s life since he was born, so without him, things might have turned out very differently for Lucifer.

Additionally, Amenadiel is one of the few people who knows the truth about what happened to Lucifer’s mother, so without him, that story may never have come to light.

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Is there an angel named Amenadiel? |


Amenadiel is a character in the TV show Lucifer. Many people have wondered if he is based on a real angel or if he is just made up for the show. There are some similarities between Amenadiel and angels in traditional Christianity.

For example, both are powerful beings who serve God. However, there are also some key differences. For instance, Amenadiel is often more emotional than other angels, and he doesn’t always follow orders perfectly.

So, it’s hard to say definitively whether Amenadiel is based on a real angel or not. It seems likely that he was at least partially inspired by traditional ideas about angels, but the writers of Lucifer may also have taken some liberties with his character.

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