Kate Mckinnon Girlfriend List

Kate Mckinnon Girlfriend List

Kate McKinnon is a lesbian. Her girlfriend list includes fellow SNL cast member Aidy Bryant, as well as writer and director Jackie Clarke. She has also been linked to actress Abby Elliott and musician Beth Ditto.

Kate McKinnon is one of the funniest people on Saturday Night Live. She’s also been in some hilarious movies, like Ghostbusters and The Spy Who Dumped Me. But who is she dating?

Here’s a look at Kate McKinnon’s girlfriend list. First up is Jackie Abbott, who Kate dated from 2008 to 2009. Jackie is a comedian and actress, and she actually appeared on an episode of Saturday Night Live with Kate back in 2008.

They met while they were both performing at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City. Next up is Abigail Spencer, who Kate dated from 2011 to 2012. Abigail is an actress best known for her roles in Suits and Mad Men.

She also starred in the movie Ozark with Jason Bateman. Kate and Abigail met while they were both working on the set of The Five-Year Engagement. After that, Kate dated Erin David for a few months in 2013.

Erin is a producer and writer, best known for her work on 30 Rock and The Office. She also wrote an episode of Saturday Night Live that featured McKinnon as Hillary Clinton. The two women met through mutual friends in the comedy world.

Most recently, it was rumored that Kate was dating Cara Delevingne, but nothing has been confirmed by either party. Cara is a model and actress best known for her work in Suicide Squad and Paper Towns.

She’s also very active on social media, which might be how these two connected (they follow each other on Instagram).

Kate Mckinnon Girlfriend List

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Did Kate Mckinnon Date Bari Weiss?

It is unclear if Kate McKinnon and Bari Weiss ever dated. The two have been friends for many years, and have been seen together in public on multiple occasions.

However, neither of them has ever confirmed or denied any romantic involvement. McKinnon is an Emmy-winning comedian and actress, while Weiss is a journalist and author.

They have both been outspoken about their political views and have been known to engage in friendly debates. Despite the speculation, it appears that the two are just good friends.

Who is Nancy Mckinnon Married To?

Nicholas Maradyn, a renowned businessman and entrepreneur, is married to Nancy Mckinnon. The pair has been together for more than ten years and they are parents to two kids.

They have a close bond and a profound love for each other. Nancy is a devoted and encouraging wife, and Nicholas is a fantastic provider.

Both of them like spending time with one another and are devoted to their respective careers. They are truly in love and a fantastic match.

What Else Has Kate Mckinnon Done?

Kate McKinnon is known for her work on Saturday Night Live, but she has also done a lot of other things. For example, she was in the movie Ghostbusters and she was also in the movie Rough Night.

She has also done some voice acting, such as in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and Finding Dory.

Kate McKinnon Girlfriends List (Dating History)

Jackie Abbott Partner

As a business partner, Jackie Abbott provides detailed information and analysis to help her clients make well-informed decisions about their businesses.

She is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with over 20 years of experience in public accounting and private industry.

Jackie has a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Colorado and is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

Leslie Jones Partner

Leslie Jones is a partner at the law firm of Jones and Smith. She has been with the firm for over 20 years and has experience in a variety of legal areas, including family law, criminal defense, and personal injury.

Leslie is a strong advocate for her clients and is known for her tenacity in the courtroom.

She has represented clients in both state and federal court, as well as before administrative boards and commissions.

Kate Mckinnon, Sister

Kate McKinnon is one of the most popular female comedians in America right now. She’s known for her hilarious impressions and quirky characters on Saturday Night Live. But what you may not know about Kate is that she has an identical twin sister named Emily!

Emily is also a comedian and actress, but she’s definitely not as well-known as her sister. The two have appeared together onscreen a few times, most notably in the 2016 film Sisters.

In the movie, they play estranged sisters who reconnect at their parents’ house after years apart. It’s clear that the McKinnon sisters are extremely close, and they seem to share a lot of the same comedic sensibilities.

If you’re looking for some funny twins to follow on social media, be sure to check out Kate and Emily!

Is Kate Mckinnon Sister an Actress

Kate McKinnon is an American actress and comedian. She is known for her roles on Saturday Night Live and The Big Gay Sketch Show. Her sister, Emily Lynne McKinnon, is also an actress.

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Kate Mckinnon Wife

Kate McKinnon and Jackie Abbott are a married couple who have been together for over a decade. They met in college and have been inseparable ever since. They have a strong bond and are always there for each other.

They are both passionate about their careers and have been able to support each other through the ups and downs of life. They are a great example of a loving and supportive relationship and are an inspiration to many.


Kate McKinnon is an American comedian and actress who is best known for her work on Saturday Night Live. She has been in a number of high-profile relationships, most notably with fellow comedian and actor Fred Armisen. However, she is currently single and enjoying a single life.

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