Why Does Jimmy Kimmel Hate Matt Damon?

Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel have been co-stars, friends, and even rivals for years, but when Kimmel’s show “Jimmy Kimmel Live” won the Emmy award in 2012, Damon was nowhere to be seen. Since then, their once close friendship has deteriorated into a heated feud with Matt Damon calling out Jimmy Kimmel on his show at every opportunity.

Why Does Jimmy Kimmel Hate Matt Damon

In light of this drama, we’ll discuss the events that led up to their feud and who’s come out on top so far. Jimmy Kimmel has continuously disregarded Matt Damon’s skills and tried to poke fun at him in a variety of different ways throughout the years.

Jimmy is constantly trying to make Matt look like an idiot and doesn’t take him seriously.

Is this because he feels threatened by Matt’s success?

Jimmy might also be frustrated by all the attention Matt gets from the media, for his talent and charitable work.

The Beginning of the Feud

Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon have had an ongoing feud since 2017. It started when Jimmy Kimmel, the host of the late-night show, “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, made a comment about Matt Damon’s film “Downsizing.”

This insult triggered a Twitter storm with both men fighting back and forth. Neither has apologized. The latest tweet was dated November 28th which is Thanksgiving Day in America. It’s true that’s By all appearances, Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon had a good relationship with each other. This changed on Oct. 3rd when Kimmel aired a segment of his show called “A Sermon.”

In this segment, he criticized celebrities who were born and raised in the United States but choose to speak with an accent they didn’t grow up with. He went after Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake for these reasons and addressed Matt Damon as well.

Jimmy Kimmel’s side

Jimmy Kimmel aired his side of the Matt Damon feud on Monday night. He said that he did not intend to target Matt Damon’s character when he called out the actor for his controversial statements about public schooling in America.

Why Does Jimmy Kimmel Hate Matt Damon

This was just a way for him and the team at Jimmy Kimmel Live! to “ruffle some feathers and blow off some steam” after a week of dealing with President Trump and trying to steer the focus back on themselves. The latest cause near and dear to his heart is Matt Damon.

During a recent interview, Matt Damon revealed that he would support Ben Affleck if he ran for president, but Jimmy says that if Matt were to run for president he would support anyone running against him.

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